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the New Electric World Commentary
Community Calendar


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Club Dates
The Linoleum Hat : M-F : Lou's Shut-up and Serve Yourself Diner
Fantastic Poison: Fri-Sun: Jesus Street Stage
Perforated Appraisal: Wed-Sun: Hump House
Stiff Rag : Mon-Fri: Thirsty's
Worry Wagon: Mon-Fri: Torn Corner
Change My Torture:Weds Nites:Pan Tornado
Pubic Coke Can:Tues-Fri:Food Hole
Lead with your Wife:Sats:Armpit
Let Out Smelly:Fri-Sat:Gilligan's Beach


Don't Blame Me Agnus: Sat-Sun: City Arts Theater
Shakespew: Fri-Sun: Coin o' Watch
The Dreaded Uglies: Sats: All Nighter
Madigascar Paddy Wagon: Weds: Leather Lamp
Worry Wagon: Mon-Fri: Torn Corner
Shatabout:Fri:Greased Easle


Aquarius: Chickens and the color red influence behavior
Pisces: New dress or hair piece brightens family outing
Aries: Large object stunts growth
Taurus: Think in three's. It's now or never
Gemini: Go for that appendage extension
Cancer: You have been lied to and abused. Drink with pride.
Leo: When the smoke clears, your the only one smoking
Virgo: Send money to the New Electric World Commentary
Libra: Generate your own power by chewing foil balls
Scorpio: Your are cartoon line and unstable. Stop it this instant !
Sagittarius: Fleshly pleasure leaves tea-colored stain on valuables
Capricorn: Keep your Merkin under wraps to save face