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the New Electric World Commentary
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In This Issue:
NEWC Premier Issue
Volume 1, Number1
Q1 2003

Grandma's Head Stacks Up to Rigorous Scientific Testing
Headline: Palm Tree Goes to Harvard
Zero of the Year Contest Begins!
ZOY Contestant #1: Sog Wilsona
Fine Cuisine Recipies & Reviews:
Blackened Sea Skinnies
Let NEWC Cure What Ails You:
Genital Sliver Remedy
Club Dates, Theater, Horrorscopes
Music News & Reviews
Herbie Hancock and Kraftmatic Adjustable Bed
What's your problem?
Introducing the Chamberlain Beverage Guide Series
Science through the NEWC lens
Introducing the Glen Campbell series
From ridiculous to sublime. You find the line.