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Red Sky Ranch

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Welcome to Red Sky Ranch

Located in the heart of the Gold Country in Placerville California, here you will find precisely what you are looking for.

Ranch News
Sheep escape to neighbors yard, Music caught in fence wire
During a routine fmid-day feeding Kirsten became concernedwhen the animals did not come up pasture. She investigated and found the sheep on the other side of the fence and music too! he was trying to get back and had tangled himsolf in old fence wire. Kirsten was able to free him and walk him back up the raod to our property. Ray subsequently closed the pasture,  patched the fence and reopened the pasture. No more escapes since (we think).
Nov 2004 - Web site is launched
Dec 4 - Happy 14th Birthday Corinne !
Dec 25th - Merry Xmas Everyone.