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the New Electric World Commentary


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Here we have science and things scientific through the NEWC lens.

Editors Note: Over 200 Theorem have been submitted and are under consideration for inclusion on NEWC's science page. The following list is the first set we will publish soon.
Computational Vacuum Phenomenon
Sample Aggregation of Reverse Qualitatives
Push-Pull Center-Sound Pneumatics Phenomenon
Regressive Attrition in Removologistic Paralaterals
Rod & Bone Theory of Pulsating Piper-Laterals
Conductive Boilywobble in Concentric Apptitude
Synthetic Micro-Gigantism in Chromatic Oil Substrata
Editors Note: The Filbert series of nebulous business processes make there debut in this issue of the NEWC Science Page. In subsequent issues we will deliver a wide range of business process that can be used to bewilder employees and confound board members.
Filbert 100 18-Man Process Methodology
coming soon...

Special Interest Groups
NEWC sponsored theory think-tanks, dates and locations to be announced - stay tuned.
Filbert-100 18-Man Process Methodology
An update of the original 6 man circuit-ring methodology. This new theory is superb and deals primarily with advances in Medalio's Triad.
Unilateral Reciprocating Disproval Theorum
One of my favorites, to be sure. This theory disproves all other theorum, except those theories supported by mathmatics.* Focus will be on how this theorum uses the computational vacuum phenomenon to reach conlusion.
* we believe only in that which can proven mathmatically
Sample Aggregation of Reverse Qualitatives
More fabulous samples from the laboratories of Leonard 'Rexal' German. Focus will be on Reverse Qualitatives in fractal patterns, and their commercial potential.
Push-Pull Center-Sound Pneumatics Phenomenon
It's all about magnesium, ifluvia, oily substrates and immense pressure. Dr. Miklos Koin presents his groundbreaking proof of 'sentient' behaviour in perpetual motion apparatus under pressure.
Rod and Bone Theory of Pulsating Piper-Laterals
Cluck Trunk from the Peoples Republic of China demonstrates how Rod & Bone can be used to alter Pulsating Piper Laterals state.
Conductive BoilyWobble in Concentric Apptitude
Perhaps the highlight of this round of SIG's is Treat Davies and his portfolio of post-apocolytical theories. Focus will be on conductive boilywobble and concentric apptitude relationships.