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the New Electric World Commentary
L' Apetit


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Le Menu
Blackened Sea Skinnies
+ 1 Cup Balsamic Cream Mix
+ 1/2 cup Shiggers
+ 1/4  cup Manganese Flavor Crystals and Inert Matter
+ 3 tbls Minnow Seasoning
+ 3 lb Sea Skinnies, winced
+ 1 oz Holy Toledo
+ 4 eggs
+ Pan Dust Flakes (L Apetit)
+ 2 cups sugar/flour/baking powder

Cocktail Du Jour
Put some grind in your bump with this nasty rascal !
Low Linkletter
+ 1 oz Ole Softie
+ 1 oz Galliano
+ 1 oz Essence of Romania
+ 1 oz Dish Water
+ 1 oz Crill, de-veined
+ First-aid kit (recommended)
In an ice-cold, flat, Low Linkletter glass, mix all ingredients. Eyes to the ceiling and down the hatch. Come back around for another one. The first aid kit prevents blood spill.

In a bowl combine sugar, flour, baking powder, pan dust flakes, Minnow seasoning. Crack eggs in another bowl. Wash Skinnies in egg, batter  with  flour. In a large skillet, blacken sea skinnies until oily black sinew appears. Mix the remaining egg with everything else. Pour over burning skinnies. Add some whiskey and light it on fire (optional). Transfer to fancy platter and serve immediately or postpone - works good later to. Serve with a bottle of Chardanimp (Shrimp Chardonnay) from Australia's Kidabrugha winery. Superb !

Restaurant Reviews
Lou's Shut up and Serve Yourself Diner
Loud. The food stinks but the gritty feel keeps its promise. Never on Sundays. Good Music.
King's Fry House
Breaded and burned to a crisp is the call. Why, old King himself drives the grill. Try the Whiskey Tips. Bring a catheter.
I know what your thinking. And your right! bring a salami shovel and dig in.