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Herbie Hancock and Kraftmatic Adjustable Bed
Herbie's always doing something. "I never stop. Never" he says. NEWC caught up with him in Palo Alto, California where he is working with Kraftmatic Adjustable Bed in a new co-venture to create therapeutic lounges.
"You ever here a bed sing?" Laughs Herbie pointing out the musical synthesizer/computer rigged to the aluminum bed structure. "Right now, we're testing the digitized library of sounds in conjunction with posture dynamics" says Herbie, pointing out that the beds function is totally unique. The new therapeutic lounge monitors the users pulse, brain waves, weight and stress level. Armed with this information, the lounge automatically adjusts temperature, pulsing action, angle and with Herbie's help, sound to create a stimulating experience. "All you have to do is sit in it" explains Herbie taking a seat in the prototype lounge. "It's amazingly accurate in its ability to put these combinations together and make you relax...It's about feeling good". Both Herbie and the Kraftmatic people refused to comment on how much Herbie was getting when I asked them directly, but I figure compensations probably tied to the beds sales performance. The new lounges, code named is Los Palatos, will make their test market debut in Bangalore, India, next summer, with general release scheduled for Christmas.

Danish Driveway's Cram Imprisoned
Yemich Cram, lead singer for the alternative rock band Danish Driveway, was arrested early Saturday morning on charges that he shot and killed a Nun behind a bar in Slojka, Iceland. Authorities in Slojka acting on an annonomous tip raided Crams penthouse apartment and found evidence that tied him to the scene of the crime. "I hate those f*cking Nuns. But I didnt kill this one. I'm innocent" Cram proclaimed to reporters outside the Slojka courthouse. Charges have been filed and a trial date has been set for late Summer. Stay tuned. Story by Rupert Skinny, NEWC